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I'm an illustrator/concept artist in training. I love computer games, beauty & hair and tattoos.

Fishy fish.

I’m totally obsessed with fish ownership at the moment for whatever reason. I’ve bought and decorated my first 25 litre tank and picked out the fish I want…but I can’t get them until Monday because the tank has to cycle! :( so boring looking at an empty tank

So mad!

Kerastaste is expensive, and silly me thought that meant their products were good! Oh how I was proved wrong by their hair mask treatment: ‘Masque Force Architecte’

It literally made my hair worse, it feels disgusting like straw and is MORE prone to breakages now I’ve used that. I’m really upset, I hope I can fix what is has done to my hair. I’d have to have to cut my hair off, I look so bad with short hair :(
This product did more damage than bleach bathing does, how stupid is that?!


New Hair Extensions!

So my hair extensions arrived today! It was really quick, I’m rather impressed since they came from China. As expected they are very golden and darker than my very ashy platinum hair but the quality feels good. I should be able to fix this! I might do a bit of a review when I have some time :)

Grroowwlll. If only I could look this good.

Grroowwlll. If only I could look this good.

(via wisdomngold)


Despite the rain never letting up I made a long trip to the beauty supply shop to get my chemicals. Fuck buying bleach stuff from boots, it’s not very cost efficient since sometimes I need two boxes. I got a huge litre bottle of 30vol developer and 500g of bleach powder for under £20. I have to pamper my hair a little while longer before I can bleach again but can’t wait for it to get lighter! Come to mumma white hair >:3

Hair care

I’ve been into hair for a long time, but since bleaching my hair an awful lot I’ve been researching ways of making it healthier.

After some helpful advice at I went shopping and got a little protein satchet mask from Sallys, and then a colesterol mask to go on afterwards to pamper my locks. My hair felt so much happier and I’ve even slathered it in coconut oil and had it up all day for an extra boost! Give it a read for some great advice :)